Thursday, 25 November 2010

The A-Team review

WORTH SEEING? If you are a huge fan of the original TV show (1983-1987) expecting more of the same, then probably not. However, if you are a general action fan and has to choose between this, The Losers and The Expendables, then you are definately looking at the A team.

TELL ME MORE! Fine acting, generic action film circumstances (complete with cliched twists and turns) and insane set-pieces (flying tank ftw), this film goes beyond satire and pastiche to truly embody the soul of an '80s action flick.

THE CAST - The most surprising turn here comes from Bradley Cooper (Yes Man), who channels all the everyman humour on display in The Hangover to deliver a genuinely funny character who ironically also serves as the straight man, anchoring the lunacy somewhat. That lunacy overshadows Cooper's strong turn by way of Sharlto Copley (District 9) who simply needs seen to be believed. Liam Neeson (Love Actually), despite taking Taken and single-handedly spearheading one of the ballsiest action films this side of Matt Damon, puts in a muted performance more akin to Qui-Gon Jinn than Ra's al Ghul. Quinton Jackson (UFC), Jessica Biel (Blade Trinity) and the rest of the cast all serve their roles well, but are largely forgettable.

CLOSING STATEMENT - This is undeniably the Cooper and Copley show. The film flies high in any scene featuring the pair - when they're not around, you can feel their absence. With that said, there is enough here to make for a truly enjoyable but largely forgetable movie. Much like the TV show in fact. 6/10, fun with a rubbish finale.

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